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We’re the go-to people for all things pressure washing, servicing both commercial and residential properties with the utmost care. A dedicated team with the proper know how and training can seriously work wonders your property. Make time consuming cleaning quick and easy with us! At Pressure Washing League City Co., our mission is to help make our fellow locals lives easier by taking their dirty work off their hands. 

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Pressure Washing League City Co. has been providing quality pressure washing services in the area for many years. Our residential and commercial pressure washing is designed to deliver a superior level of clean, one that will protect and extend the life of your outdoor surfaces and boost your curb appeal. We’re a fully insured business that takes pride in our customer service, here at Pressure Washing League City Co. we treat you like one of our own. 

Pressure washing involves sending water through a special nozzle at a high pressure by the use of a motorized pump. When applicable, safe and effective specialized chemical agents are used to assist with the cleaning. Our years of experience has taught us to adapt the water pressure to the applicable surface structure, protecting surfaces without taking away any quality of the cleaning. Our service includes safe and effective low pressure soft washing, a proven way to efficiently clean exterior siding, gutters, trim and more. 

Pressure washing is effective at removing:

  • Old paint (excellent prep for staining/repainting)
  • Mold and Mildew 
  • Dirt
  • Debris
  • Harmful bacteria
  • And much more!

Is mold/mildew, dirt and grime starting to build-up… staining and damaging your exterior surfaces? Is your home or business in need of a thorough clean leaving a renewed looking exterior? Let’s get to cleaning! We provide service throughout League City area and many surrounding areas, and will be proud to provide you our high quality service. Contact us today for your free pressure washing estimate

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Why shouldn't I do the power washing myself?

Although power washing can be viewed as a DIY project, there is a clear difference between doing it yourself and a professional crew. This means you get great capability of equipment and the knowledge necessary to ensure everything is cleaned properly without any damages occurring to your home or property. Which these mistakes can be expensive ones to make for any home owner, and leave you with more on your plate than before. A DIY washer may set the pressure too high for the surface being cleaned, or even hold the nozzle too close. This can result in chipped painting, damaged screens, broken windows, and ruined siding. 

How often do most surfaces need to be cleaned?

For the majority of surfaces, it is wise to annually power wash your surfaces. However, it does depend on the materials used to build the applicable surface and also the current condition the this surface is currently in. Depending on these factors you may need to increase the frequency of properly cleaning these surfaces to make sure you are protecting your home. If your homes surfaces are left unchecked, it could easy result in expensive repairs from being wore down by the elements and at this point it would be too late.


Will a high pressure wash damage my home?

Not with our professional technicians at Pressure Washing League City Co., we know how to properly set water pressure at the exact pressure needed for all your homes surfaces. By examining the type of surface and its condition, our team can the proper water pressure required.

What are PSI and GPM?

PSI is the pounds per square inch, this is what delivers the power during a power wash which forces all foreign substances off the surface. GPM is the gallons per minute, this flushes the substances which are pushed off by the PSI.

Can you adjust to my schedule?

Here at Pressure Washing League City Co., we are open seven days a week and always available to service you. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with convenience whenever we can and working around any schedule you may have.

Are the cleaning chemicals you use safe?

Our team uses eco-friendly chemical agents which are completely safe, we make a strong effort to only use “green” products. Depending on your surfaces condition dictates how much of our cleaning agents we use, but you can rest assured that there isn’t anything to worry about.

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