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Soft Wash House Washing - League City

League City Pressure Washing  provides a soft wash house washing , a low pressure, damage free cleaning for your home or business’s exterior surfaces. Even though it’s a soft wash, it will remove all the tough stuff thanks to our eco-friendly cleaning agents we use! In addition to drastically improving its appearance, soft wash house washing can help by extending the life of your home’s exterior. 

House Soft Washing: More benefits than meet the eye

 With our process we will remove all dirt and debris, soft wash house washing improves the appearance of your homes exterior which leave it looking fresh and renewed. The benefits go beyond the aesthetics, using water and proven chemical agents, house washing breaks down the gunk that would damage your exterior surfaces if not addressed. 


Soft Washing effectively removes: 

  • gunk
  • mildew
  • mold
  • dirt
  • oil
  • debris
  • pollen

Soft Wash House Washing, and What You Can Expect:

Soft washing involves traditional pressure washing machinery, with a reduced pressure. A specialized tip for our power washer is used to widen the area to reduce the pressure which safely cleans your home. Eco-friendly chemical agents are then added to the water to efficiently remove all dirt and debris that has built up. Soft washing is a safe and effective for vinyl siding, cedar plank siding, cleaning stucco, painted exteriors, trim, wood, and more. 

Soft Wash House Wash includes:

  • exterior of gutters 
  • siding
  • painted trim
  • roof overhang   
For convenience many of our clients will add traditional power washing to their soft wash service for other areas of their home which include patios, roofs, decks, gutters and more.
Upfront Pricing and Convenient Scheduling

We take pride in transparency here at Pressure Washing League City Co., we believe in thoroughly walking you through our process and answering any questions you have in advance. We will provide you our expertise and consult with you about the services you need, and what we would recommend in addition to pricing. Our company is open seven days a week, and can comfortably work around your schedule to make things as convenient for you as possible. Keep your home looking its best with our safe and effective soft wash service, in addition to protecting your investment from any exterior damage.

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