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Pressure Washing League City Co. Services

Your Home is more than likely the biggest investment that you will ever make, and being so it’s definitely worth protecting. It’s where you live, where your friends and family come to visit and so on. Pressure washing is a key factor in keeping your home protected from harmful bacteria and debris that will eat away at your homes longevity. With this being said, it is a vital part of proper home maintenance that keeps your home looking its best in addition to its other protective benefits. A clean home is inviting to guests, boosts your curb appeal, and gives you plenty reason to take pride in your home. 

What We Pressure Wash:
  • Siding 
  • Gutters 
  • Roofs
  • Homes/Businesses
  • Pools
  • Sidewalks
  • Stone surfaces
  • Fences 
  • Driveways
  • and much more!

Our Pressure Washing Process: 

Pressure washing is the process of water being pressurized through a special nozzle, by a motorized pump into a stream of water 1500 psi or more depending on the surface being cleaned. Our professional grade equipment brings the power needed for any job we come across, completely removing all debris, mold, dirt , oil, grim, and all other substances you can run into. Pressure washing is also a perfect surface prep for any surfaces you plan on refinishing or painting, which will give you a much better finished product. 

Our handheld pressure washers used by our personnel are often used to clean tight areas, elevated surfaces such as roofs and gutters to ensure all surfaces are reached and properly cleaned. These washers allow us to reach any any compact area and height to address all elevated surfaces. For flat surfaces we use modern, full sized hand driven cleaners and can quickly and efficiently complete jobs. 

We specialize in soft wash house washing, which consists of a low pressure cleaning process of your homes exterior. Even though in our process we use a low pressure, which guarantees your homes safely cleaned, it will thoroughly remove all dirt, mold, and debris with our eco-friendly cleaning agents that won’t leave anything behind. Our eco-friendly cleaning agent breaks down and removes entirely all mold, mildew, dirt and debris while keeping your paint, stone, wood, cement siding, mortar and stucco surfaces safe. 

Our technicians are thoroughly trained with all our processes and our different pieces of equipment, which allow them to determine exactly how to safely clean all your surfaces. With us, we believe in upfront pricing and consultation prior to starting any job so we can walk you through everything, so all your questions are answered and there aren’t any surprises.

House Washing

Bring life back to your homes appearance with our house washing service, using our eco-friendly cleaning agents we'll have your house looking brand new.

Gutter Cleaning

Remove all build up from your gutters to ensure your gutter system is properly functioning, and water is going where it needs too. Avoid pooling water which will damage your homes foundation.

Roof Washing

With our Roof washing service, completely remove all mold, mildew and debris from your roof that if otherwise left unchecked will take away from your roofs life and longevity.

Concrete Washing

For all your concrete surfaces, have them properly cleaned with our process to build your curb appeal and renew your driveway or lot to its former glory in addition to the protection it provides.

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Mold/Mildew Removal

Mold and mildew build up of harmful bacteria organisms can break down your homes exterior surfaces. Don't leave mold unchecked, protect your investment today and ensure its life span.

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